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FOP Memorial Service

In 1982, the Fraternal Order of Police established the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Day Service. Each year, on May 15, the Fraternal Order of Police honors-that tradition and pays a special tribute to the brave men and women of law enforcement who have given their lives in service to their communities and country. It is no coincidence that this day was picked.  Lawmakers and organizers selected this date as it was also the same day as the FOP's "birthday."

Every member of the Fraternal Order of Police is a law enforcement officer and knows, first-hand, the sacrifice each officer and family makes for their communities. More than 20,000 law enforcement officers, as well as the surviving family members and friends of slain officers, travel to the nation’s capital to join the FOP’s Annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service. It is the nation’s largest and most prominent memorial service held on behalf of fallen law enforcement officers.

The FOP is proud to be the sponsor of this event and has committed to continuing this tradition of honoring our fallen by contributing the logistical and financial resources to make each year a success.  The event costs the FOP 100's of thousands each year and we could not do this without the strength of our membership!

For the fallen made possible by the members!