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Interested in Joining the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police?

In Arizona, the Fraternal Order of Police is organized into local lodges by agency and area.

Membership in the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police, including participation in the AZ FOP legal defense plan, is through a local FOP lodge.

AZ FOP membership is available to active and retired law enforcement officers, corrections/detention officers and federal officers/agents. AZ FOP Associates membership, including the AZ FOP legal defense plan, is available to certified reserve officers and civilian law enforcement agency employees.

In order to forward your membership inquiry to the appropriate AZ FOP Lodge, it would be helpful for you to provide the following information:
  • We need to know if you are an active or retired law enforcement officer.
  • If you are a federal officer/agent, click here…
  • We need to know the agency you work for or retired from.
  • If you are a certified reserve officer or a civilian law enforcement agency employee and are seeking legal plan coverage.
  • Your city or town of residence.
Use the form below to request membership information:

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